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Welcome to the COOP family!

Join an avant-garde team that listens to your ideas and stands out! Our dynamism and our way of working will bring you an interesting experience and happiness. We use state-of-the-art technology that will help you gain additional knowledge and further your career.

We offer our employees continuous training and opportunities for advancement! We are recruiting for the following positions: notaries, associates and experienced paralegals, secretaries, telephone operators, customer service and communications enthusiasts, sales representatives, computer technicians and programmers. Please send us your resume today!
The mission of the Coopérative de notaires du Québec is to enable notaries to produce mortgage financing deeds at the best cost, while benefiting from a centralized site for their benefit and that of their clients. The Coop intends to remain the leader in real estate while remaining competitive.
When you join the COOP team, you are part of an important link that strengthens the COOP experience with our clients, lenders, and notary members. Every conversation we have or every tip we share (in person, online or by phone, chat or email) is another opportunity to enrich their experience.

Our employees, Our priority!

At the COOP, ideas are listened to and taken into account, which allows us to grow in the confidence and esteem of our employees. Even in telework, our team is always united and ready to help each other. Here, innovation is encouraged, passion nurtured, development encouraged!

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