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To hold a significant asset during his life, a person must in particular own a principal residence. Access to the property is well known to the public; the state has made it a priority since the 1950s.
Un notaire et un client parlant d'un projet de résidence principale.

To hold a significant asset during one's life, a person must, among other things, own a primary residence. Access to homeownership is well-known to the public, and the government made it a priority as early as the 1950s.

With the aim of improving housing and living conditions in Canada, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) - a Crown corporation - was established in 1946. Succeeding the Wartime Housing Corporation, it was known as the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation until 1979.

Its responsibilities include, among others, enforcing the National Housing Act.

This is what the CMHC, and what it has to say on the subject:

“The purpose of CMHC can be summarized as follows: to make housing affordable for everyone in Canada. We know that housing enables people to keep their jobs, perform better in school, and participate more fully in society. Housing affordability and the stability of the housing finance system form the foundation of a strong and secure Canada, where everyone lives in dignity.

Affordable housing for all is an ambitious goal, and we cannot achieve it alone. We harness the expertise and energy of governments, non-profit organizations, lenders, developers, social entrepreneurs, and cooperatives to shape the future of this sector. The very first National Housing Strategy of Canada is a prime example of this. Together, we remove barriers and ensure that no one is left behind."

Homeownership: Today's Challenge

Becoming a homeowner can transform an individual's life within a few years. However, the current challenge is becoming one.

Access to homeownership is extremely challenging due to the glaring lack of housing – a pressing need not only in Canada but worldwide. The global population, including Canada, is growing at such a pace that construction entrepreneurs cannot provide enough housing. This, in turn, diminishes access to homeownership and leads to impoverishment.

Unfortunately, it's a matter of supply and demand that drives housing costs higher.

What's the Solution?

The Cooperative of Notaries in Quebec is part of the solution. With the help of their partners, cooperative members strive every day to facilitate homeownership for as many people as possible through their work.

For instance, cases involving mortgage refinancing, property transfers, and rights transfers among family members (or within the same group) can be accomplished at a lower cost. The processing times are quick, and legal fees are the same across all regions of Quebec. It's also possible to sign these documents remotely at no extra cost, meaning no need for a trip to the notary!

To choose the Cooperative of Notaries in Quebec, visit their website ( or ask your financial institution to send them your file. The cooperative will handle the rest of the process with you.