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  • Desjardins wanted to make changes to its refinancing process, competitiveness in the market forced us to find a vehicle that reduced costs while protecting the entire notarial community.
  • It is the best structured sharing economy vehicle to allow all interested notaries to receive files while allowing Desjardins to achieve its objectives
  • Desjardins is familiar with the cooperative model. The members own the cooperative and decide on the orientations in assembly, which no other business model allows.
  • Desjardins asked us to meet with the APNQ, which we did, without being able to find common ground. The APNQ has chosen to submit its own proposal to Desjardins.
  • The COOP is apolitical and can negotiate service agreements for which the standards of quality and service can constrain the members, which an association cannot do.
  • The fees per file are fixed and negotiated with Desjardins, but the structure of the COOP reduces costs and allows notaries to reduce their own costs by reducing the time devoted to completing the file.
  • The Cooperative assumes professional liability towards Desjardins.
  • The ways of delivering financial and legal services are undergoing significant changes.
  • The COOP is the best way to consolidate business volumes and save them for notaries in order to allow the population to maintain a local service. “Do more with less”.
  • Notaries will own the distribution tools, which will benefit them.
In each region, we met the notaries interested in the project, explained to them the ins and outs and demonstrated the benefits of the COOP for notaries in the future. The Desjardins caisses also provide us with the list of notaries who already work with them in order to invite them to become members.
  • There will be those who understand that the technological world in which we live leads us to constantly think about new solutions to maintain our share of the real estate market; otherwise other players will take our place.
  • You have to remain competitive in a modern world plagued by technological change where everyone in the financial world is constantly trying to reduce costs.
The COOP was founded by 8 notary offices located across Quebec. It offers a uniform solution to Desjardins for mortgage refinancing.
The main advantage is that the COOP belongs to all member notaries. Each member has one vote at the AGM to elect the Board of Directors, and appoint the Auditor. Members also vote to adopt new regulations or modify them. In addition, a cooperative met the values ​​and vision of the Desjardins movement.
The COOP was founded by notaries just like you. All files processed through the Coop are managed by notaries. All members of the COOP are therefore the owners.
Yes, the caisse tells us the name of the member’s notary and we make sure to send him the file.
If the member does not have a notary, the COOP relies on its list of member notaries and sends it according to the postal code on file, randomly, according to the closest availability of notaries.

If the client chooses to sign remotely, we will choose according to the availability of notaries who sign remotely first.

To join, please contact Manon Paquette, deputy director, by email at: manon.paquette@coopnq.org or by phone at 514.524.4900 or 1.844.524.4900 #1704, or through the Contact Us form, with the option: I want to become a member.

All the caisses offer the Cooperative solution